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Give Your Companions a Break from the Upcoming Fireworks Celebrations

The 4th of July is approaching fast and we know companions can be terrified of fireworks! Instead of locking them up in the basement or their kennel, consider boarding them at Wags to Riches Doggie Daycare & Boarding. We have safe, secure doggie kennels, an outdoor chainlink fenced area, air-cooled building, walks and much more. Plus, they get to hang out with other great companions too. Every year, shelters fill-up with companions who get scared and run away... so consider keeping your companions safe and comfortable with us.

Check out our pricing here and schedule online today.

Your doggo will get a hot meal and we even have a doggie beautician to make them feel like a million barks!

For more information, please call us at (435) 406-6779.

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