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Image by Fermin Rodriguez Penelas



We appreciate every single animal lover who has opened their hearts to both our staff and the animals they provide for. We are very grateful for your kindness. Because of your efforts, we are able to provide a better environment for animals in need.

Sandy Worthen
Shannon Patch
Haylee Beutler
Margaret Crawford
Janice Hunt
Wendi Whitby
Shalome Orton
Samara Brinkman
Sherri Vincent
Tia White
Jennifer Macarthur
Tifani Dulaney
Leslee Butterfield
Camille Hill
Michele Ogden
Nicole Brinks
Carrie Bohnsack
Elizabeth Wytiaz
Lindsey Hauser
Cori Reynolds
Janet Barmore
Breeann Bryan
Andrea Ash
Jennifer Dansie
Lauren Mangelson
Robin Erhardt
Taisha Brenchley
Sajatah Boyle
Vicki Weber
Jessica Dumond
Susana Nish
Merilee Hughes
Liz Schultz
Kristin Burnham
Jo-Lynn Hatch
Jennifer Baddley
Chad Mcmullin
Margarita Delgado
Jessika l
sonja wallace
kimberly hak
Debbie arstein
Nancy Mayet
Tracy Fowers
Grace Hart
Jennifer Morris
James Hickman
Linda Broussard
Janice Mynar
Keith Crossland
Mrs. Sears and Son
Sandra Reed
Cecil Johnson
Ciera Whittenburg
Pauline Pratt
Dorene Baranik
Amanda Scott
Alice hart
Megan Mustoe
Neila Jordan
Cynthia Cartwright
Joni Nebeker
Katrina Musselman
Al & Marge Cipkar
Heather Moesges

Shelly Rovira

Sarah Later

Howard isom

Alesha Mena

Gabriella Hunter

Pamela Pederson

Ladd Simkins

Sarah Baker

Monet Devillers

Jennifer Nehmer

Jennifer Palmer

Paige Manchego

John Pappas

ss snipes

Lisa Whitlock

Amanda Watt

Doreen Albaugh

Julie Davis

Janis Nielson

Thank you to an anonymous donor, whom has donated a substantial amount which will allow us to expand past our previous horizons

And to our supplies donors as well

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