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Your donations fund second chances.

Donations to Fullmer Menagerie Animal Rescue go directly to assisting the companions in our care by providing much needed food, shelter, veterinary care and grooming services. We gladly accept both monetary and in-kind donations too. Each donation, no matter how small, will help us create second chances.

We value honesty, integrity and compassion and we strive to be transparent and forthright in how we utilize our donations. The majority of the donations we receive are utilized to purchase food, medications and supplements, and veterinary care - the essential items required to provide our companions with a happy, healthy and positive temporary environment. 

For questions or more information regarding donations to our organization, please email

"After volunteering at Fullmer Menagerie, I gained an incredible amount of respect for the service the Fullmer's are providing to these companions. I know my donation's are being used to create second chances."

- Megan Fitzgerald