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Great Dane/Shar-Pei Mix



1 Year



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My Story

I am currently being fostered by my daddy's sister. It's been fun living here learning to live with her 2 dogs, cat and 11 chickens. While I have been here she has taught me to sit, stay, come, "go potty", which I should mention I am potty trained, and I am kennel trained. While it has been nice living here my "foster parents" can not keep me, they have 2 big dogs and not an appropriate space for me to enjoy life comfortably. I should mention some of my quirks and stuff that I am working on. While I am so intelligent and pick up things I am also a little stubborn and sometimes have a hard time listening when I should. I am trying to work on this but I need more time. I am also still young and learning things that are appropriate for me to get into, like the trash, or food left on the counter unwatched. Last thing is I forget my size sometimes and like to jump on people to say hello and jump around and can sometimes knock people over, especially little humans. Lastly, I hate baths but I am getting better. Back to a little more to love about me is I love to cuddle and sometimes think I am a lap dog but my foster mommy says I am too big for that, but I disagree. I have a sweet soul and love kids, strangers and anyone who will love on me. I am ready to find my forever home!

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