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English Mastiff



3 years


Extra Large

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My Story

This guy is an amazing, sweet, affectionate, beautiful, stubborn, English Mastiff, named Flint. He is about 3 years old. This guy will make you laugh, cry, and furious; sometimes all in the same day, but if he loves you it is impossible not to love him back, despite his flaws that are not entirely his fault. His last owners got him from a rescue in Colorado and his first owners did not give any reason or information when they surrendered him. Unfortunately it appears that he was never properly socialized. Due to this neglect he does not do well with cats, dogs, kids, or strangers. He has shown aggression when put in situations involving these different variables, including lunging and attempting to bite. He does wear a cage muzzle for his safety when in public or when he could potentially meet new people.
He does really well with “his people” but it may take a little patience for him to decide if he trusts you. He prefers women over men and needs a strong alpha personality who can handle him, otherwise he will try to be the alpha and handle you. He’s a smart guy. He’s house trained (including knowing not to get on couches, beds, etc), crate trained (which he knows as bed), potty trained, he knows down, sit, stay, wait, shake (with both hands), bed, place, out, toy, ball, slow down, and he's picking up on the command up. He loves squeaker toys and will destroy most, sometimes in less than a day. He knows what walk and ride are and absolutely LOVES both, ESPECIALLY going for rides. When he hears keys he will bolt out the door and run around the truck waiting for you. For a giant breed he has plenty of energy and is used to getting two 20-30 minute walks every day. These walks are also when he has been trained when and where to poop, so he kind of knows not to poop in the yard unless he is sick or can’t hold it any longer. He spooks easily when it is dark and has dragged people to the ground chasing stray dogs and cats more than once.
Flint is up to date on his vaccinations, and has been perfectly healthy with the exception of some upset stomach incidents, which can be expected with a mastiff. He does have a sensitive stomach so you have to be careful with what you feed him. He is currently on the large breed Science Diet chicken and barley, but he also seemed to do pretty well with Sportsman’s Mix. He LOVES fries but too many and you'll have a mess to clean up.
He is a true companion. He LOVES to be right with you and usually touching you no matter where you are. He will follow you and watch you use the bathroom, bathe, and sometimes even sleep. I have no doubt that in a threatening situation he would give his life to protect his people. He can be kind of needy in the attention/affection department, but that is part of what makes him so loveable.

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