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Border Collie



2 years



Adoption Fee

$100 and if you get Bonnie & Clyde together we will take the fee off of one of them

Terms & Conditions

My Story

They are an extremely bonded pair that have been named Bonnie and Clyde. They were found in the mountains an hour from the nearest town, and it appeared they had been wandering for some time. Bonnie appeared to be pregnant, and Clyde was ensuring her safety. When people approached them, Clyde was very friendly but also being careful to stay in between Bonnie and the people. He was mere skin and bones, and it appeared he was starving himself to feed her.

Bonnie gave birth under complete supervision just a few days after being rescued. It was uncertain on whether or not Clyde was the father, but when the first puppy born looked exactly like him, it was certain he stayed with her the entire pregnancy.

We were forced to separate the couple while the puppies were still young, for the puppies' safety and hoping they would forget each other. The man who found Bonnie wanted to adopt her, but could not take both of them. They were separated for about two months, constantly eyeing the areas the other was in. When we reunited them, to see if they still remembered, they were overjoyed and it was clear they were destined to be together.

Bonnie and Clyde's puppies have almost all been adopted and they are still currently waiting for their forever home to live out their days together.

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