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Elizabeth (Liz)

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Border Collie



8 weeks



My Story

Hello, I'm Elizabeth (Liz for short)! My age says 8 weeks but I'm a bit younger than that, that's just how old I'll be when I'm ready to go home with you. My parents are named Bonnie and Clyde so my siblings and I are all named accordingly. My mom was found on the streets with my dad just days before she gave birth to us. That was a close one! I'm named after my mom's middle name, because we look a lot alike and I kind of act like her too, she really imprinted on me. I am the most relaxed out of all my siblings, I am usually sleeping and I don't really act like a puppy. I am a cuddler and I can promise if you adopt me, I'll start imprinting on you!

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